Reviews for "Anyone Can Make Techno"

good stuff

this song needs more recognition!!! I guess some jerks must have had a bad day and lowered you rating. this song is good so i tried my best to raise it's score. Very nice Work!!!

LfunkeyA responds:



what more can i say :D keep it coming

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further respect

i thought this was pretty good:)

the ppl below me, i dont see what the big deal about the mastering is, it seems mostly good to me. Although sometimes the synths get some noise, i dont see that as a major problem.

i like the drums and i like how all the synths complemented each other and weren't very generic, the constant wah-ing was a nice touch too. the song had emotion! keep it up :)
check my stuff plz!!:D

LfunkeyA responds:

thanks, yeah i'll check yer stuff.


I like this techno song, its really, really cool, i have downloaded it!!! its kool!!

LfunkeyA responds:

yo thanks GeorgeX

Could have been better

I liked it, but it sounds a little under developed. Spend more time on your next project and I could hear it being a lot better.
You built it up for a little bit but then just stopped. Didn't sound like it went anywhere after that. Pretty good though. ^_^
Keep at it!

LfunkeyA responds:

yeah well, anyone can make techno, but not everyone can make good techno :). anyways, thanks for the review.