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Reviews for "Uniwar Level 1 SE"

Great game, but needs more levels

This is a great game one of the best ive seen. A copule of things though in case you decide to make this longer: more levels, more weapons, more enemy kills, and more enemys


that was the best game from newgrounds i've played yet. keep up the good work tom!!

Doomhammr responds:

news flash. i'm not tom fulp. i'm doomhammr. tom makes the in house content. i make my own. but thanks for the 10 anyhow.

Will you respond to my review too? PLEASE?!!

Worth the time?
C ool?
Completely and Totly Awsome?
Well, Don't push it. {:-)

This game is really sweet! Although I wouldn't say that there is none better, but it is a cool game! I can see that you didn't put a shit load of work ino it, but it is a cool game! Keep it up man! I'm gonna plau level two as soon asI can get reconected to the internet(Damn *FREE* AT&T service)! Make a #3 one, man! The future is not an eternety! Drink your fill, and PLEASE make a response to this review, too! I've never had any one do that to me! Well, Any way, Sweet game! Keep it up!{:-)

*NOTE: I am on the free 30 day trial of F5, and my time is almost expired! WHO THE FUCK CAN AFFORD $400 FOR A GOD DAMNED COMPUTER PROGRAM?!


Ahead of its time

Doomhammr responds:

Thank you. Keep tabs on my user page for further related news on this series.

i love it the art was bad but in my mind bad art means more fun and i like the idea of the medical kit

Doomhammr responds:

Thanks. I can do much better now, but remember, this was 14 years old.