Reviews for "-Pink Spring- (2014)"

Nice song waterflame xd. Good to see you here

Nice song. Finaly it's not orchestral, but video game song. Keep it up :)

I really like this one, a nice throwback to your old upbeat style whilst still sticking with emphasis on rhythm and bass rather than melody like your newer stuff. I feel it is a really good balance between them.

I especially like the tone set by the chord progression which comes in at 0:26. Its quite unique and different from a standard upbeat progression and I might have to try it myself at some point.

Also there's the classic high reverb xylophone... amazing.

The only downside is it gets a small bit repetitive when the main section kicks in, but that doesn't really matter for background listening, which I do whilst I'm studying ;)

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah, this was made for a runner game back then, so it was made with that in mind, it was supposed to be droning in the background of a level and possibly loop 1-2 times.

The drop hit me so hard. Dirty. FILTHY. I especially liked the part when the bass kick went "thud."

Waterflame responds:

Haha, thanks!