Reviews for "-Pink Spring- (2014)"

Wow! What a nice song! Love it!

one of your best :D

I like the cute synths at the beginning. Melodic content is nice here, too, and I especially like your use of percussion in this track. I also really like the more legato melody instrument in the post-chorus at :53. Mastering quality is really strong here. I guess my main complaints are that it's a tad repetitive, and maybe a bit generic arrangement-wise. I also think there are a lot of parts of the piece that don't quite have the same full texture that's characterized your pieces of late. Otherwise, the blissful mood, sound design, and cohesiveness of this piece sells it really well. Keep up the good work, WF! ^_^

Waterflame responds:

Thank you! :)

well well well waterflame what are youuu doing in my genre :P

this is chronamut, different account name - it's a cute little piece you got here..

imo the bass is a bit too loud for the mix and it could be a bit wider, but that's more stylistic choice than anything..

also you should change the licensing to noone can use this - it's one of the options :)

also I hear a bit of buzzing on the percussion.. is that peaking I hear? It's hard to tell..

it's a very cute little tune though I must asy.. good jorb :)

keep on truckin'!


Waterflame responds:

Thanks! Yeah this is a track from 2014 so its not really changed since then. The wav had some tinkering, is all. No peaking, just a bad Hi-hat sample lol. But I agree! And hm, thanks for the heads up! I had creative commons checked by mistake :o

Nice to see you here