Reviews for "Escape from Elm Street"


This game was one of the best i have played on NG in a long time. And the fact that it didnt reset all the items when you restart is great because u dont have to waste so much time find and doing everything again if all ur doing is looking for secrets. i took me a little bit to find the holywater so i went to ur site.

ver good game.needs more violence.

i got confused so i got clues from the reviews

damn good

I really liked the part I did play, but I can't get past the lock box thing. don't laugh at me cuz I probably sound like an idiot. but I can't. I'm asuming the numbers are from the equations written on the skull but I tryed typing in the answers and it wouldn't work. so could somebody please tell me how to get past that part. I'd really appreciate it. thanks!!!


great game!

a very funny game but i found a bug

if u go into the shed without the lighter, rigth click and press play, it will light the room without the lighter. i think u should fix it afro_ninja