Reviews for "Escape from Elm Street"

I love this game

the game is cool the freddy movie was great and this just go to show how to kill freddy once and for all.
I saw the easter egg and I loved the minifgame.
If you don't mind the serect to beating the mingame is to wait until he rasies he hand and jump at the last second.

darkness rules and evil is here to stay.

Kicks Ass

If u can't find the holy water, here's a hint, get the weed, and go to the tv room, use them together. Besides that it was fun

that woz crap.....only kidin

wow that woz amazin that scared me shitless i completed it WAHAY!!!!!!!!!

p.s. im not sleepin tonight

Oh my god......

I love this game. One of the best horror games ive seen on new grounds since..... well it was good and i voted it a 5 and a over all 10. good to who made this one.


sweet game! i love it, it fun to play even tho i cant ge tthe code for that damn loxk bos thing behind the mirror in the bathroom!