Reviews for "(ST) Bassport (Remaster)"

Straight 8's

But you'll get teh 5!

Very good work here - I can't say it was the most spectacular example of DnB I've heard but you definitely set yourself apart from quite a few others with this track - I loved some of the techniques that you used in this one - Stutters and repeats were effectively used to punctuate the track where needed. I liked the granular pulling and stretching applied to a few samples.

The negatives - whole track sounded just a bit washed out - same as "Believe" - great work but when compared to other portal entries it seemed to lack punch. I'm thinking it might be due to the MP3 compression settings - just a guess...

Great job!

StereoTactik responds:

Thanks for your awesome reviews! I'm glad you like my music.

I know that the Believe full version lost quality because of filesize, and this song is just terribly mastered :P

Thanks again LJ! Be sure to check out my 1337 new benny hill remix ROFL!!

you got my attention

nice work dude,
flows real nice, some imaginative little fills and tweaks.
pretty good mix, lots to keep the ear a'listening.
yeh, nice contrasting 4 bar ambientish bit back into the relentless drums. maybe would like to hear the bass tone change a bit towards the later sections.
k, has just done, the section towards the end where it opens right out with the melodic samlples = gold.
ended a bit abruptly but nice track, u should be pleased with that.

StereoTactik responds:

Thanks much for the review! Be sure to listen to my new demo.

Nice Effort

Not only is it good, but you put your heart into it. Hell, ya took three months to create it and a few more days to polish it(am I right?).

The one thing that might still be considered a flaw, though, is its repetitiveness. I got lil bored after the first two minutes of it... where's the climax?

Anyway, although I'm not a big DNB person, I gotta say that was really nice.

StereoTactik responds: