Reviews for "One Wish (OriginalMix)"


Interesting mix your got here Pulstate. There are some things you need to work on though to make this a good trance song.

The bass wasn't EQ'd enough to make a full bass sound. Make the Low EQ higher so that it can sound more 'full'. It could have some reverb to it aswell because most of your synths has a lot of reverb in them.

The synths were done really well. There was a little distortion one of the synths at 2:15, but it's still pretty cool. Is there a piano in there? Cause it's hard to recognize the piano because it's been EQ'd too much. (I'm not sure if thats how the plugin it's suppose to be, but it still sounds great).

I love the structure and effort you put into this. But I prefer longer trance tracks like 5mins or longer ;P Anywho, great job on this Pulstate. All you need to work on is the EQ. Keep up the great work!


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Wow! I feel so bad about missing this one. It's really cool! I love the claps and kicks, they are smooth and bouncy. Great reverb on the crash. Great synths as well, and again, your great with the melodies. Nice bass, it's so slick. Btw, what program do you use? I use Fl studio. Anyways, this song kicks ass!

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Pulstate responds:

Lol, thanks mate! :)

Amazing work.

I fell in love with this piece right at the intro... and even more so when the bass filtered in. :)

I'm sure you've heard this before, but I'm amazed at the professionalism in your mastering. I've downloaded this and your song "Higher Force (ClubMix), and love them both... excellent work.

Keep going, seriously. 5/5

Please take a look at my work, and the work of AscensionTrance (my former side-project). I'd really like to hear your feedback, if any.


Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate, I will check your work soon! :)

Happy Birthday! (Sorry if m late).

I really enjoyed the song. The beat was very smooth and I love the reverb too it. The synths were really cool too.

Great delay and reverbs. Very melodic trance-ish. Great job dude. Yes, I think you surpassed Bounc3 club music! Good luck on your future tracks!

Pulstate responds:

Thanks mate. :)

Oh... My God...

This is an amazing track! The best on Newgrounds, I'd say. You've surpassed how professional B0UNC3 is.

Love everything. Melodies, bassline, instruments, etc. All perfectly picked & used.

(No new tracks on my AP, so I don't think you need to go there, lol)

Thanks for your time,
-DJ DaVinster

Pulstate responds:

Yeah, maybe i'm starting to agree with your first point mate. :)