Reviews for "Paralysis"

Beautiful piece :) And I feel you, last year nguac was same for me...

I gotta ask, did you make everything with computer or did you play something live? Because everything sounds 100% organic, at least to my ear.

I agree about the length, I would have loved to hear full 3-4 minutes of this track, but imo it also works fine like this, it still has a cohesive structure. The only thing really that I could point out is the ending, which sounds a bit odd.

Keep it up ^^! And good luck with deathmatch and nguac.

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the nice review!

It was all made with midi with some great vsts, including Una Corda (Native Instruments) and the Joshua Bell Violin (Embertone).

I wanted the very ending to have a bit of a shocking effect. Think of it as waking up from a delusional dream and returning to the cold reality.

Thanks, and good luck with nguac!

Legit. I love shorties. I used to try and make 4-10 minute bangers but I've learned to just be happy with little things more and more. Brevity can have just as much value and potency.

Everratic responds:

Thanks for the review!

Seriously. This is incredibly beautiful. Sounds like a soundtrack for a short film. Beautiful.

Everratic responds:

Thanks so much! I’m glad it sounds that professional!

This sounds really, really nice. I'm mostly impressed with the dynamics and the mood, which is really spot-on. If there's any issue with this piece, it would be that the tempo, mood, and energy all seem to pick up between the 1:25 mark and the end, and since that's really only about 20 seconds, that's not enough time for you to develop the idea you're playing with. It might have made more sense to make the entire piece more consistent or otherwise develop it into something longer so that the resolution could feel more comfortable.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I agree with you. I intended to make this piece around 4 minutes long, but I struggled to extend it and decided to leave it as is rather than risk turning it into shit.

This is an Official NGUAC '18 Knockout Round Review

Beginning Comments: A tranquil beginning filled with emotion. A violin VST that I can instantly place who's using without prior knowledge.

Production / Mixing: It's quiet, but it complements what you're doing. You probably could have filled up a little more of the volume simply by raising the mix with a limiter or something, but for all intents and purposes this works fine. Not many instruments to work with so the balancing is simple, but even so I could be thrusted into the world your making.

Composition / Structure: To say this is soothing is an understatement. The composition is open but it's not simple. A lot of trills that didn't upset the mood or take away the energy. I enjoyed the humanization of the violin, but it sounded off in a couple of spots here and there. You also allowed each of there instruments there own space to give their voices instead of having this be simply a violin solo. There's also some elements I missed without listening deeply the first time like the harp near the end. Some really nice touches that deepened the development of the theme. As for the structure, while the song is short, it's not immature. I maybe would have liked to have this song be a littler long since there's ideas you have to make this a much longer and bigger song, but I can still enjoy this as a short ode. I can envision this being a slight aside in a musical which could make way for bigger plot points. The only complaint I have is the outro. I envisioned the note being held about three times longer with a resolving ensemble chord to back the violin. Or even no ensemble works too, since each has they're own flair, but I just felt the ending note didn't have time to exhale.

Sound Design: Great. The violin I think is a little too crude for this style, but I could tell you used this for how highly dynamic it is. Aside from that, lovely.

Ending Comments: This is a well crafted short without lacking depth.


Production - 1

Composition - 1

Structure - 0.5

Sound Design - 1

Replay - 1

Total - 9

*Disclaimer - to make judging consistent with other judges, individual category scores are multiplied by 2 to make a total possible 10 points.

Everratic responds:

Thank you for the review! I get what you mean by the ending note not having enough time to exhale. That could have been executed better. As for the ensemble chord, I don't think that would be appropriate for what I was aiming for, but I should have tried something like that just to know what it would sound like.

I didn't expect to get a score as high as 9 on this, so I'm very happy about that :D Thanks again