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Reviews for "On Go"

gotta keep stacking layers bro.. hurr hurrrr

Originally was going to vote 4, but the quality of the track is really good. Mix is spot on. I really dig those triplet swing fills you got going on on the downbeat instead of as a 4th bar fill.

you snuck in that tempo change before the break down really well. fantastic.

OOPSIES! your fx at 1:02 peaked/distorted. my ears :( same at 2:29

interesting choice of piano chords at the end.

the only thing I would change myself is your kick and snare. It's too chuncky in my personal taste. Honestly, a more tighter, shorter kick would sound fantastic here.

great dynamic field in this track.

oof. sneaky sneaky key change at 4:01. you aint escaping my ears!

You really put a crap ton of effort on this track and it shows dude. Hopefully we get to battle on the next future rounds!

P.S. put this under miscellaneous or just electronic. A future bass style track isn't really House bro o.O

1f1n1ty responds:

hey bro! thank

as much as i wanted more layers on some things there was a point where my project file got way too big and was like "STOP ADDING MORE STUFF TO ME" and i had to comply

oops i gotta turn that one down

i don't really know how to make shorter kicks and snares stick out from the rest of the mix :( i messed around with them a bit, i'll get there someday, i hope

screw genres this is AMBIENT

This is an official NGADM '18 Round 1 Review

Beginning Comments: A song I think that fits your style, but also a good display of your skill. Something you should be proud of.

Production and Mixing: It's so clean at the beginning, and I can tell you pay special attention to your mixing. The only issue I had, which I didn't notice the first time around, the levels did seem to get a little tiring. Maybe the bass overall was a little bit much or the highs were a little too piercing. Not sure exactly what it was, but other than that I think this is well mixed and sounds like a finished product.

Composition and Structure: The beginning melody you use to build the theme is beautiful, and I think you build off of it nicely with your development. The only issue I had with the structure is that I was starting to think the first big section started to overstay its welcome about 15-30 seconds before you dropped the intensity down a bit. However, the change in dynamics are really nice.

Sound Design: I love your synths. The first synth you used for the intro reminded me of the Aquatic Ambiance song from Donkey Kong Country. Great nostalgia, but even without that in mind, it's such a cool sounding synth what you have. I like your very subtle use of rain at the beginning. Throughout the whole song you use some really interesting elements for background details. Those sound elements in the background may be off putting, but I enjoyed the details and helped with the tone of the piece. The other synths you use are a unique style to you because I know I've reviewed that style in previous chipscompos, but I never get enough of them either.

Ending Comments: I really didn't have many issues with your song. Which maybe as a judge that's not the best thing to say in a Deathmatch setting, but at least the few thoughts I could jot down could help with your improvement. Don't give up. Don't be too hard on yourself either. You're not going to make the best music if you think you're not good enough. Don't worry anything else aside from your music. Go On and enjoy the gift of sOnG…..or whatever.


Total - 8.75
Production - 1.75
Sound Design - 2
Composition - 2
Structure - 1.5
Replay - 1.5

1f1n1ty responds:

ey spade

feel like your comment about the levels getting tiring and the comment about the drop section overstaying its welcome are tied together, probably has something to do with the fact that the whole thing is 9/8 swing which feels fast but the bars pass by really slowly

ooh aquatic ambiance, not entirely what i was going for but i do love me some david wise

i'm against you-know-who so i'm gonna have to pull myself together for the next three weeks :P i'm gonna try to take your advice to heart man thanks so much

also niiiice, i didn't think of putting "Go On" somewhere in the description, that's brilliant gg

On my Gosh! This is an amazing sOnG, ond truly deserving of the One Gold medal in your pod—cOnGoratulations! There’s a ton of stuff it does well. It’s cleanly produced, smoothly structured, and it’s sO. G.roovy! And can we talk about your transitions? 0:48, 2:33, 3:50, and many of the other transitions in the track show more than a talent for maintaining OnGoing structural interest; they’re evidence that you pay a lot of attention to detail, and you’re willing to put in the work to enhance the small parts of your piece that makes listening to your track feel like a next-level experience (unlike the GoOns that copypaste a single drum loop for four minutes). A 9.2 from me means that I was thoroughly impressed with your work, and will definitely be listening to this song outside of the context of the NGADM.

Anyways, you did a ton of stuff well, but imo, there are a few things that could have On Gone a bit better. If we’re looking at the overall structure of the song, there’s a bit of empty space at around 2:40-3:10 that has a lot of delicious atmospheric tidbits, but not much that would interest the listener in the same way that the rest of the song does. You did something similar in Aeolia, I believe, and while it does its part in creating structural contrast, I’d recommend adding something there that creates more of a sense of progression—some kind of melody or a soft beat, for example, to give more of a sense of direction than scattered pads and sound effects. Aside from that, the other big issue I had with the track was the lack of a main melodic motif. You have tons of great melodies throughout the song (that solo at 4:17, the SUPER CATCHY contrabass pizzicato bit), but the section at 2:05 is the closest you get to having a ‘main melody’, and it doesn’t pop back again! And sure, a song doesn’t necessarily have to have a main melody to be a good song, but for this a song with this kind of style and structure, a melodic motif would do wonders for tying the different sections together (and to add to the super scientific ‘hummability factor’ that I secretly judge all songs by).

But seriously. Incredible work! Don’t get the wrOnG opinion—I’m excited to hear whatever inventiOn Goes on in your head that will be added amOnG other submissions to Round 2!

1f1n1ty responds:

i was ready for the wordplay you'd offer in this review :) my new favorite

my transitions are less about putting a lot of effort into small details and more about me just having experience doing crazy transitions from a past of putting like 5 billion different atmospheres in a single song :PPPPP like it's the only way i know how to transition lol

i see what you're saying about 2:40-3:10, maybe that would be a good time to reiterate 2:05? the melody at 2:05 is just a variation on 1:34, which is played a third time at 4:30

the problem with the melodies in this track was mostly because i used like 30 slightly different chord progressions and no single melody fit all of them :( have to figure out how to work around that next time

Sounded kinda weird at first, Somehow that transition made it sound incredible

Im F L A B B E R G A S T E D


1f1n1ty responds:

the flabber

it gasted

i worked decently hard on these transitions thanks

Even slow beats can grab my attention if done right, and holy crap have you don that and so much more!
It sounds like a great song for a map stage of some sort of video game, perhaps in a secluded area.