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Reviews for "On Go"

gotta keep stacking layers bro.. hurr hurrrr

Originally was going to vote 4, but the quality of the track is really good. Mix is spot on. I really dig those triplet swing fills you got going on on the downbeat instead of as a 4th bar fill.

you snuck in that tempo change before the break down really well. fantastic.

OOPSIES! your fx at 1:02 peaked/distorted. my ears :( same at 2:29

interesting choice of piano chords at the end.

the only thing I would change myself is your kick and snare. It's too chuncky in my personal taste. Honestly, a more tighter, shorter kick would sound fantastic here.

great dynamic field in this track.

oof. sneaky sneaky key change at 4:01. you aint escaping my ears!

You really put a crap ton of effort on this track and it shows dude. Hopefully we get to battle on the next future rounds!

P.S. put this under miscellaneous or just electronic. A future bass style track isn't really House bro o.O

1f1n1ty responds:

hey bro! thank

as much as i wanted more layers on some things there was a point where my project file got way too big and was like "STOP ADDING MORE STUFF TO ME" and i had to comply

oops i gotta turn that one down

i don't really know how to make shorter kicks and snares stick out from the rest of the mix :( i messed around with them a bit, i'll get there someday, i hope

screw genres this is AMBIENT

This is one of the most unique tracks I ever heard. 1:05-1:19 was my favorite part. The transition at 2:34 is awesome!

1f1n1ty responds:

I think your favorite part should be 1:48. :3

thanks man!