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Reviews for "TeslaX - Celestial Abyss"

u gotta win it

Ooh, this is pretty rad! Good luck :D

Multiple atmospheres, creative dubstep sounds, impressive length. A masterpiece!

Woah. I like the punchy texture at :06. The piece kinda throws you right into the middle of the action, though. Would be nice if there were more of a proper intro. I really like the instrumentation and drive the piece has. The orchestral sub-theme was nicely integrated into the electronic texture, too. The drop at 1:07 is really cool. Reminds me a lot of Xtrullor and Helixix's work, actually. The transition to the breakdown at 1:57 was really strong. You've really maximized the dynamic range of this piece - it's impressive. The vocal samples at 3:22 also function well, even if you hadn't introduced any similar elements earlier in the piece. The final climax works well to add some finality and resolve to the piece. The spacey percussion "slam" kind of effect at 4:17 was a nice touch, too. I think my favorite element of the piece is the production. Everything just sounds so crisp, loud, and distinct throughout. You did a great job with this piece, Tesla! Epic sound. Good luck in the ADM! ^_^

I feel like you're xtrullor's long lost brother