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Reviews for "F-777 Electronic Limits"


Love it! Blah techno doesnt need vocals, its awesome in its own awesome way!Great job! Keep it up!

Nice production.

Very good pacing and tempo for this song. Throw some vocals in there and you've got yourself something special. I was particularily impressed with your choices of samples, specifically the lead synth, which really makes this tune stand out. Aside from the random 30 seconds of silence at the end, great job... and keep it up!


I love songs

That has the mix of electric and violins,their special in a way.


Dude Jesse i know this post is probably old, but this isnt ur BEST song!!!Coke Factory is!!!(lol)

Funky stuff

It's like the 80s all over again. Disco tech :) I was surprised when you used a violin like sound. Gave it the classical moody spinoff with disco. That's a first for me to hear. It's a pretty good song and the electronic sounds are very obvious. I would say the start of the song was the best. When that whiny like synth came in, well it didn't sound so cool. I see with the violins your like ascending upwards. I do that like too many times in my songs. It fits so well in all kinds of songs for some funny reason. Overall a 5/5 and sure take the 10. I guess 10 on diversity since you changed up the lead synths mostly throughout the song. Bye for now

F-777 responds:

Thanks man! Ya i used the same technique that i used in symphonic dreams. Thanks for the nice ratings!