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Reviews for "F-777 Electronic Limits"

very well done

love the mix, you master very well. gonna have to look into that program you use :P


Awsome! Good job man! Ur very talented! =D

Dance, Dance! =P

Awesome, Dude!!! 10/10 5/5

So close

Excellent song, first of all. It's a good mix of methodologies. The tempo isn't quite what it ought to be for a dance track IMHO, so it's more easy-listening. One last thing... what's with the 30 seconds of dead time at the end? It's just weird.

not one of your best

in MY OPINION i think the begining is poor and sounds too amature but the rest of it is amazing i love most of your other songs if i were you id sick mainly to more chinese sounding electro songs coz they sound great and you construct them very well. good look dude, btw no dissrespect am just giving my opinion