Reviews for "Muther-metal"


Awesome for being a metal, but this one can be better, putting full gothic, like (Nightwish), JEJEJE. It has the sound. so I think that can be better for sure my friend

Let's rock!!!!!!!


For a heavy metal song, it's pretty good. I just feel like it's missing something...like another guitar or two...maybe some keybourd stuff?

Love Metal

Very head banging song you got here. Sounds like the guitars are ripping through something. Sounds like I'm being pummeled by a machine gun of sounds with your drums at times :)

The song , to me, felt like it was on the edge of being simple into having a good amount of differentiating content on it. Just by a teensy bit. I just read now that you also mentioned that on your Author comment so I don't feel alone now. Still sounds really good and kicks some nice ass.

Definitely could use a bit more work but overall I think the song sounds pretty good and fun to listen to. I love Metal Songs :3 . . . I give you an 8 and a 5. Not bad. Later!


very well recorded but it sounds a lot like are you dead yet

I dont like it

I dont like metal! but this music is well done i must say!

You got 9 from me , and a 4