Reviews for "Muther-metal"

Cool stuff

Now this was some cool stuff here you have some very good quality and I like the simplistic element but it does have that heavy aspect of things that really make it work well so beisdes all that this was a good piece of sound here really nice vibe a beautiful sense of flavor and a great drive of the music making it some solid work indeed so nice work here and I look forward more

Make more like this


bodom is sick but only when alexi does it

nice job but still if yer gonna tribute at least make note of it


I'm curious where you got the idea for this. It sounds suspiciously similar to Children of Bodom's 'Are You Dead Yet?' I'm all for similar music, but this is way too close.


loved it but sounded like C.O.B are you dead yet


U and Metaljonus are my favs, so cool shit u guys do...