Reviews for "Peet and the Orbs"

i liked it...well almost

i thought this was really good but i dont like real pictures mixed in with flash, although you did it well.
P.s. no wonder he can play the rainbow/piano/laserbeam, his hands werent connected.

Nice Work

This series is growing on me, this is a good one. Though a little slow in some places (the "playing" went on a little too long since the tune basically repeated) but some really great gags at the end plus the exclamation mark was very nice.

Could have scored higher.

I dont believe it could have been better but if you drew the BG then I would have scored you higher prob a 10. great job now I am going too look at your other stuff.

JGold responds:

I know I know. But it's really hard to make a good looking background in flash. Besides, I'm trying to make real pictures mixed in with Flash my style, and I see you gave an 8 for style. Thank you.