Reviews for "Peet and the Orbs"

Adventures of a jew

talk about an antisemite

JGold responds:

Excuse me? Listen, pal, I happen to be Jewish, so before you go call someone a racist maybe you should stop and think. If all you see is a big nose and you think "Jew," then maybe you're the one who's an antisemite. Asshole.

Twas ok..

Like the last reviewer said, graphics wre good, but there really lacked a storyline. I enjoyed it though, new style.

Not my type of movie

That was not my type of movie. Graphics were ok good story line but Just a lil plain. NEED MORE ACTION!!!!!!!!!! But it was ok

very nice work

i liked it... in fact i like it so much i gave you a 5...

i espically liked the way you did those colorful orbs... very nice work

You see people... this is what happens when real good flash comes to the portal


It stopped kind of abrubtly

But I liked it, until the end. Well, not that I thought the end was bad, but felt like it could have gone somewhere further with that... But it's not bad, worthy of a 3/5, I would say.

JGold responds:

I know what you mean about the ending. Believe me, when I was planning it, it seemed like it was going to be a lot better. Thanks for reviewing.