Reviews for "Peet and the Orbs"

Very nice and funny

Great job nice little moive with a good ending what a laugh.


That was a great piece of flash there. Loved the end part hehe


Did I spot some Space Quest 6 background graphics there? Neato stuff. :)

that was really really good

im from boston, i loved watching the city getting blown up that was awesome hah... great video though, great use of backgrounds. is sharon near stoughton? - john

JGold responds:

Actually, Sharon is right next to Stoughton. I used to live there.

Great Music

Nice little happy twinkly music, nice colors and animations. That guy is definitely Jewish hehe. This was cool and pretty funny, ironic too, nice city demolition :)

Also, was that the Enterprise that you used for background??

JGold responds:

Yeah I think those bgs were from a Star Trek website. You can find the other background music at Flashkit