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Reviews for "DEMO - ICU (When Things Start To Get Melt) (Instrumental)"

Woah the description is pretty intense there bud! lol great idea posting the instrumental version along with the version you have lyrics to that is real good thinking cause alot of people love instrumentals as much as they do the real song ! thats my idea at least cause I came across alot of songs that does not even have a instrumental version like big songs sang by famous people that are dead today .. you would think a 15 year old song would have a instrumental or at least I do but they dont..


This was really nice I like the style this goes in and good direction and it's really deep the quality is good as always I like the vibe and flow as it goes from one part to the next seems like you could have a fade out on this at some points and really build that up into more intense modes just an idea though but anyways as this review comes to an end you have outdone yourself here and I'll say you have a great piece here.

Some fades and build ups would be nice