Reviews for "red/blue #5"

Pretty good.

That weren't so bad. Its the first time i'we ever seen Mario and Sonic teaming up... And way ta go with the Earthworm Jim thing :)


Better than your other movies. I suggest compressing them more. And make longer ones and put a preloader in it. Preloaders are pretty simple. Make a 10%frame. put ifFrameloaded x in actionscript and then it plays and on the next frame make it say 20%.


If it's not " as good as the last one ", I'd like to see the last one ! This one was quite good. Don't be too perfectionist :-)
fifen :-P

That was pretty good!

Look I don't care what anyone says just keep this up. That was funny. Your graphic and sound skills need work but good going.


The music you used sure brought back some memories....