Reviews for "red/blue #5"


Pretty cool flash you have heree, i liked the amusement factor of it, having all the different characters was a great thought, and the humour was awesome

Great flash :)

Lol, you have a lot of talent. Make more of the red/blue. Sonic is kinda disturbing :P but still funny.

No - this one is funnier!

You have a way with words. There is not much action here, but the lines are really funny. Even though some might say downright rude, it's not the "toilet " humor that I like, it's the way you come up with unique slants on how to say something "rude" in your own way.
I personally thought this one was the funniest of the five.

Looking forward to #6.

warming my testicles with my mouth =LMAO

That thing with sonic warming his testicles with his mouth was really funny. LMAO!!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!


"And I was just warming my testicles with my mouth....." ar-ha-ha-ha!

Great series, make more! Really enjoy seeing it..