Reviews for "Let Me Out of America"

Awesome track. Not a huge fan of the drums, especially in the drops. They feel kinda thin and empty, I guess. When you’re EQ’ing, maybe try to boost the mid lows and not the low lows in the kicks. Leaves more room for the actual bass and sub bass tracks to stand out more. Also, maybe add distortion and some grumbly rum my bass to the kicks, sounding similar to that distorted djent guitar around 4:11. Go listen to “Dancing on the Edge” by Spaze for an example. On top of that, maybe add some white noise in the background to fill up the rest of the song. Now, that’s enough with the criticisms. Everything else in the song was perfect. The melodies were fantastic; really unique and experimental, which I love. That piano arpeggio starting at around 2:54 is probably the best thing ever. Everything before 2:00 was good but a little lacking; however, everything after was basically what I’d expect from your songs. Psychedelic, wavy, and awesome. So many tracks playing at the same time, that they all blend together into one awesome euphony of noise. Reminds me of “Useless - On Repeat,” and how that whole song was like that. Like what Aweror said, all of your songs are just so inspirational for my own music (first GOOD song coming soon btw lol). I just can’t get over how good this song is, I can’t stop listening to it! I just wish you would upload more often... Anyways, keep up the amazing work!

thanks for the awesome stuff, as always.

you're a big inspiration to me, and your music only seems to get better.

Cacola responds:

om g thank u so much I really appreciate it

Loved that intro melody. Upbeat with a few jazzy sour notes to get my attention. The work you put into the melodies here is superb! It got a little hectic with the vocal samples around two minutes tho. Side chain those drums to the front and drop some of that hi emphasis! Wait... what was 3:44 about??

I also felt like that kit was kind of flat. Drum and bass usually puts a fat emphasis on a huge kit. To be honest, the whole mix sounds thin to me. No worries, I still love the track. I just wish there was a nice round subby bass holding things down instead of that lo to mid slappy bass. Heck, a round sub layer can fit on top of what you already got :)

Very experimental but enough tonal familiarity for me to still groove to it. I can tell you put serious work into this. I just wish every moment was as clean as the first two minutes.

Great work Cacola :D

Cacola responds:

Thank you for the compliments and criticisms!There were a lot of ideas put into this track, so not all of them were flawlessly exuecuted, lol, but I'll take all that into consideration!

3:44 I dropped the volume to fuck with your expectations to create tension to transition from slow to fast drums

As always !

( Btw i want more experimental songs please ;3; )

Cacola responds:

they're comin dw