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Reviews for "Virtual Riot - Show Up (Novacore Remix)"

Generally not a big fan of this kind of music, but I do like the intensity of the drop of this remix quite a bit, nicely made :)

love virus syndicate

It's definitely mixed very well, except that it sounds rather stereo for a trap beat like this... idk if it's just me, though.

On to the serious stuff.

I'm not rating this at 4.5 stars like I usually would ONLY because these lyrics swear and talk about drugs. Make fun of me or whatever, but the fact is that this sophisticated potty-talk isn't associated with good things, and much more associated with bad things, and for solid reason. Swearing and talk of drugs are the marks of someone who isn't very disciplined when it comes to self control, which I hope we can agree is awful at best and catastrophic at worst. That is NOT to say that you, Novacore, are at fault, but what I am saying is that you not only listened to this garbage, but you put it into one of your creative works despite the fact that it is just not good any way you slice it.

Please Novacore, don't become one of the mindless people only capable of making music only if it relates to sex and/or drugs. It's a classic trap that's nabbed at the very least thousands, and I don't want it to get you.

But in the end, do I really think that giving you 0 stars will totally make you do a 180? No, of course not, that's silly. Of course you'll scoff and scroll away. But I want to let you know to the best of my ability that you're going into a dangerous place that has much too large of a chance to get you into ridiculous amounts of life-destroying trouble.

Make fun of me, do whatever, but there's no good reason to tell me I'm wrong.

12/23/19 EDIT:
To the people who don’t like my comment, there is nothing remotely harsh about it! Just the opposite – I am condemning harsh things: sex, drugs, and frivolous talk thereof. There is no reason to dislike anything that I said above! If you think that careless discussion of sex and drugs is all fine, then all I can say is that, with kindness, you need to change. My words are not the problem.

To Novacore, thanks for the encouraging reply (if you’ll ever see this).

OfficialNovacore responds:

I just made this cuz Disciple put up the acapella and I am a Virus Syndicate fan so I figured I'd try an Eptic style thing. By no means does this mean I'm taking my music in this direction, quite the opposite actually. I just make stuff like this when I'm bored and what not, same thing came from the We Are Number One Remix

Wow, I'm early! The music was pretty good. I liked the beginning a lot. 10/10 Novacore :)