Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

This is great

This is a very original video here on newgrounds and hope you keep up the good work man
P.S Im not a goth

scapegoat-452 responds:

lol, stupid kids....


nicely done.


this flash kicked ass i luved the graphics and especially the sound it even made me laugh when it did the punk horns it was a little drug out like it was longer but i think its perfect for this flash this 1's goin in my favorites

Oh my!

I like it. The demon(?) looked really cool, but the way he never moved his legs, and held them in that one particular position sort of reminded me of a ballerina...::eyeshift:: It made me keep thinking it was a satanic ballet dancer, which made it funnier than it should have been, but other than that, it was a really good flash. The movement was smooth, and the sound was good, and the concept was fresh (to me). Really good work!

scapegoat-452 responds:

Ho Ho, the dark lord need not the use of puny legs, the power of EVIL let him float as do the souls he doth crave. Plus Im lazy.

fuckin right

That was wicked sweet man. The only thing i could suggest would be perhaps slayer on his sweatshirt rather than ff, but still a great film. Definately a talented flash maker. Have you ever thought about making one with cradle of filth in it? just asking! Keep up the good work