Reviews for "Accidental Summon"


WTF WAS THAT?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!? That was one of the most messed up things on NG! U must be really messed up if u can make a flash like this.Jesus Christ, man. i liked it


I watch this flash every so oftenand I still haven't gotten sick of it yet. The movie is very well made, congrats. I don't really listen to death metal, I like black metal a lot more. But I still loved it nonetheless. Good job.


Life lesson right there-if you listen to satanic death metal, don't move in next to a cemetary. I love your shit, especially your picks for music (let's put it this way, I wouldn't be into Children of Bodom were it not for you). The movie was kind of slow, but it was cool nontheless.

scapegoat-452 responds:

wow, its good to know i made a difference. Its amazing how many good bands you can find if u just look.

slow but kinda starnge

death metal is kinda starnge but good withouit the voice, but please people. don't diss them cause do you know how hard that voice is to do without a voice changer? but at the same time death metal does suck. weird but well done video.

scapegoat-452 responds:

I dont know any death metal bands that use voice changers... I wasnt quite sure what you were trying to say though. Thats the guys real voice...

Death Metal sucks ass...

The computer guy looked retarded, and I think Satan would've looked more haughty and noble-like, seeing that he is a fallen angel. And, as I've already said, Death metal sucks ass, here's a list...Heh heh

Black Sabbath
Cradle of Filth
Ozzy Osbourne
Me tallica
Pink Floyd
Led Zeppelin

scapegoat-452 responds:

Heres a list:
Why would satan keep his look of an angel after being in hell for like an eternity?
Death metal doesnt suck, I guess its just not your style apparently...
And last... NONE of the bands you mentioned are death metal bands.