Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

fuckin' sinister...

... i loved it. the demon was spectacularly drawn, wish i coulda gave ya a 15 on ur graphics. i believe that this is definately going into my favs list. keep up the awesome work.


Who the fuck could complain about that? That was the best thing i've ever seen! completely dark and twisted, just like em! keep em' coming!
-AkA XberryslayerX

luved it

I thought it was great!
I loved the music and thought it was pretty funny!Although upon many occasions my friends have told me I have a sick and twisted sense of humor lol.......so are you single? lol couse I cant resist artistic goth guys lol...anyways keep up the killer work hun ^_^

dis kicks ass!

dude death metal rox man!!! U picked the greatest song for dis movie man. Ur a guinuse


that was fucked up, sick, and completely fucking awsome!!! good job