Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

Looked AND sounded cool...

Your version of Satan was nothing but kick-ass bro, and the animation was smooth and believable. The end was great, further illustration of the fact that if you live by the Metal, you die by the Metal. Keep it up, I'd love to see a Satan series. Heh.


Okay...I guess i mean if that happened to me I would get my fricken bass guitar and start pounding on that mother. Anyway I listen to that kind of music and its just music I mean come on. Sorry if i sound serious im just a strict critic. metal-punk-heavy-hard whatever you call it rock rules.


it really spoke to me...altho im sure if some skeliton thing poped threw my window during a satanic song and held up a rock and roll simble i still would not let down meh guard...but then again im paranoid and took down a 50 year old for playing peek aboo with my cuzin....-blinks and eyes dart around- uhhhh i didnt say that....any how great stuff man love the song love the art its all kick @$$

Nice Song

I really liked how that sounded...gonna make me remind myself to make another cd of whomever that artist was...blast it out my speakers one day. Now that kid did die in a seemingly amusing way, however he just seemed (to me anyway) like a "hip hopper" or "prep" who was trying to seem "gothic". However, there is no "true" way to be gothic, especially when it comes to your clothing. It's based solely on your individual work in poetry, or stories, artwork, etc. The Demon head was very nicely done, I'm very impressed, you even got the pentagram on the forehead very neatly done. So COOKIE for you, For such a fine job. The one part that caused me to laugh the most was after the blood was spattered against the computer screen. Suddenly the web page is lost, kinda like a lost message telling you to keep away from darklyrics. It was good. I like. ::applauds:: Hope to see some more great work. I wouldn't label this piece gothic at all, it's strictly dark and sinister on it's own title, and this is coming from a satanist, so once again, fantastic job. Hope to see more.



What the fuck were you trying to do? Your demon looks more like a Yu-Gi-Oh card than a real demon.
Shit music and a dorky teenager. This was pure shit.