Reviews for "Accidental Summon"


now how is this a gothic flash? i cant understand you people claiming that youre goths yet all of you who critisize this are so narrowminded. the artist obviously did this flash without saying that is gothic so all of you who are offended by this you should review your belifs, for if you review this as a gothic flash then that means that you acctually thought of it AS A GOTHIC FLASH thats gone wrong!!! so its your problem then and not the artist's. i personally love metal gothic and rock yet i enjoyed this flash without being offended in any way... good work by the way:)

nice fucking movie! but the comments disgust me...

"the pentagram, I love you Satan crap."
to the dickhole who wrote this you need to just shut the fuck up because you have absolutly no idea what your talking about. I am a satanist and the pentagram i love satan crap just happens to be my religion FAG so before you open your gothic mouth i suggest you think twice little gothy bitch...In nomine Dei nostri Satanas Luciferi excelsi!

why do you all hate us

I'm a goth i have no religion but follow my own belifes and im most definetly not a satanist goths just see the world differently to you. I found this submission offensive and my advice to you is to stop flooding the world with stereotypes like this as it give us a bad name.


sorry I have to be honesat here but the only thing good about that was the Levi and the song. good though

good job

OK people, this is in no way gothic. Just because it has a skeleton demon thingy with a flipped pentagram does not make it gothic!! Most goths aren't even satanists!
With all that put aside, I'll start explaining what I thought of the movie. The skeleton demon/satan/whatever the hell it's supposed to be was cool. So was the music. I don't live that close to a cemetery, but i'm not too far from it. Also, that kid looked like a retard.