Reviews for "Accidental Summon"


cool movie awsome song i think u should make a sequel

great vid

great video, great song only thing that sucks is that on dark lyrics it isnt actually shown like that its in a foreign language... they took er jerbs

More blood

I'm probably just repeating what someone else has already said, but I neglected to read the reviews prior to making my own. It was quite a rad flick, I enjoyed it and it was a good job. Just one improvement I would suggest would be to have more blood after the eye-gouging scene. Satan would surely have that computer -drenched- in blood were he really to show up, would he not? ;-)

its all been said allready

overall a pretty good flash, but needs some improvements

instead of restating what the person below me has allready said, i am simply in aggrement with him

keep it up!

Cant tell you how many times thats happened...

But seriously, its a funny concept, its even sort of nice looking, and even forgoing the usual "ZOMG th@ iZ S0 nOT G0FF" rant that we usually do, its ok. Personally though, i would work on the timing a bit, and maybe change the music with the scene. it sounded as loud outside as it did inside, and didnt change at all, so it was more like backround noise. also, if you were intending it to be funny, i would have stopped with them just rocking out to the metal. if you ment for it to be horrific, i would have sped up the eye poking. the whole flash kinda needed to be sped up a bit, but all in all, it was pretty good.