Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

AHHH the music!

Holy jesus. The worst thing about this movie is the fucking music in it. omg I though I was going to have a seziour right on my computer chair. I like the idea of it, it was well thought out and I would have gave you a better score if I didnt have to listen to that screaming bull shit excuse for music. But hey if u like that kind of music thats cool, whatever floats your boat man...

scapegoat-452 responds:

Yeahhhh... that was kinda the point... I found the craziest song I could and that was it. And its a good song so hahf!

I absolutly LOVED it

Now that's my kind of flash movie (though the animation wasn't too good) I loved all the concepts of it, and you, have an exelent taste in music my friend. Keep makin stuff like this with more movment, or else they get kinda boring

good stuff

maybe use some lighter shades of gray and black... wow i jsut said lighter shade of black... it was just hard to see anything...

great work though


that was awesome, and that satan was unbelievably well drawn, great job!!