Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

The movie was good

but the music really sucked. I like extreme hard rock, but most plain death metal is boring. Where all you hear is growling and the same notes over and over. I downloaded a few songs from Gorguts just for a laugh. The few random ones I downloaded sound almost exactly the same lol. I wouldn't doubt that any more I download wouldn't be much different. It's about as repetitive as a lot of today's rap music. Oh and you'd definitely have to find a lyrics site since you can't make out one word he's saying. What's the point of even singing anything at all? Just growl, record it and loop it. It would save the "singer" much more time and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Hey with that kind of talent I could be a death metal singer.

yeah ok then..

one time i was listening to that song where they sing "its raining men!" and let me tell you it rained men...lots of them...it was very gh3y...lolololol no more gh3y than death metal...and this one time my friends where listening to some death rock band or whatever and thought they were summoning the devil...LOLOLOL people are funny...anyway good animation...i guess


Was it me or was that a goth movie. i have nothing against goths but i am just asking if teh creator is a goth or was 1. anyways good graphics. good sound and it kicked ass.


this kicked some major ass. and your other submissions rocked 2.

kick ass

Awesome job drawing the skeleton/demon/undead guy. Realy good sound, too