Reviews for "Accidental Summon"

Oh man.

that was so sweet i crapped my pants. But gouging thing was creepy. i think that i would have enjoyed it more if he started headbanging with the devil. yeah. that would have been a cooler ending. Instead of that creepy ending. funnier and more enjoyabe and less likely to have you sent to the psych ward.

Perfect for a band name

"sunday, SUNDAY, SOMEDAY! Come see LIVE at the Newgrounds Convication Center ACCIDENTAL SUMMON with special guest SLAYER!
Great flash. I think you just put into visual form what parents have been chimming off about for years in regards to death metal.
Idea for a sequel: use Nile "Chapter For Transforming Into A Snake".


I dont know how satan could be summoned by hearing loud noise. that wasnt music man.

pretty good

Hey, this was pretty teethy, but nicely done. Nice graphics. The metal was just a tad overpowering for my taste, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

OMG come up with a better idea

I didn't think that it woz physically possible but this both sucked and blew.

i suppose the skill woz there but the idea the plan the wotever woz crap (don't mean ta put u down there) and it woz painfully slow it woz like one of those japenese cartoons.

I mean wot were u thinkin first u take an idea that has already been done, then u gave it a title that no one could possibly like.

newayz pratice makes perfect so don't give up.


scapegoat-452 responds:

First of all, make your own damn animation before criticising the hell out of other ppls who worked freakin hard on theirs. Second, most of what you wrote didnt even make sense. Ever heard of constructive criticism? And im sorry, I did not steal that idea, contrary to your belif.