Reviews for "Fusion Core V2"

omg :O

wow that must be a lot of work :O
and u said u lost ur touch a bit! :O

InfernoX880 responds:

Thanks, I meant I just got back into the art making thing, I've been out for a bit ;)


This is crazy awesome it's my background.


Lost your touch my ass. This is one of your most interesting I've looked at so far :D

InfernoX880 responds:

Haha, I'm seeing some feedback on that comment O:-) thank you for the good review, I'll be making more soon (I hope)!


Wonderful wallpaper! I personally ADORE abstracts, and this is no exception. Question, did you hand-draw everything, or did you just use stocks?

holy crap

dang man u have to keep making more like this its amazingly awesome!!!