Reviews for "! Fishy !"

That was so awesome

On my second try I 'Ate everything and destroyed the ecosystem'.

Nice game, i love da music


omgomgom i stil habnt beat this game yet zomg XD
this is funn XD
i keep on getting eaten >.<

the ending was funny

good control system, good graphics, good sound, easy to understand. man that's a lot of really good stuff. what I thought might be the ending is after you get as big as you can grow, the camera zooms out and shows you as a very small fish again. the game could loop forever. that was so much fun.


I can't even beat this game but my brother can and he was screaming when he was about to be eaten and good game.


this is addicting! although the music got annoying after a while, would be nice if i was able to turn it off. ;)