Reviews for "! Fishy !"

Wish the controls were a little tighter, but overall 8/10 vore simulator

Played the shit outta this as a kid, couldn't beat it then and can't beat it now

This game was the bomb back in my childhood and I still remember beating it once or twice. Now that I have found this game again, the struggle shall begin once again!

Rather fun at the start, but quickly becomes less a test of skill and more of a test of patience; which is fine if that's what you were going for.

I love and hate this game. It took me 10 fucking years to beat it for the first time.

This game is perhaps the purest essence of an RPG, boiled down and distilled until only the core mechanic remains. You start off at not the lowest level, but low enough that there are only a few enemies you can dispatch. As you defeat more, you grow stronger and can take down stronger enemies. Press your luck on an enemy that is too strong, and it's game over. Eventually, you become so powerful that nothing can stand before you, and you spend a bit of time rampaging across the land before you become bored and end the game. Then, after some time has passed, you pick the game back up, and the cycle continues. Love this game :)