Reviews for "! Fishy !"

*Insert Danny Devito saying "CLASSIC" here*

Great game! After beating it my score is 85812! :D Takes a lot of patience beating this though because of how long it takes to get bigger. I say once you're big enough to eat the smaller lavender fish, you are pretty much in a good running to beat the game since you are big enough to eat smaller fish more frequently. Just don't risk eating fish that look SLIGHTLY smaller than you because they could be bigger. Lol

Awesome =D

Amazing game, I always loved Fishy and I'm glad I came back to play this and write a review. I played this back in 2003 and it's just as great as I remember - much more charming than later permutations which were divided into levels. The music is almost trance-like and relaxing, the graphics are incredibly pleasing to the eye for something so old, and the gameplay just feels RIGHT. Now that I'm older and more patient I was able to beat this on my first try, though I remember my impatience getting me killed when I was younger.

Nonetheless this is an outstanding game. Sometimes I wish there were more to it but I'm glad it's as simple as it is. Though, there should be something that allows players to have different scores after beating the game - perhaps restarting it with the fish moving faster? Otherwise anyone that beats the game has the same score more or less.

I've been playing this forever and never thought i'd beat the game. but i just did! 85710! >:D great game 10/10 i play it all the time.