Reviews for "! Fishy !"

Now here is one addicting game.

This is so addicting, and I loved the music. May I please ask what music it's called? Please respond if you know.

it was good

it was good but when you are so big, the game lost all meaning

Greatest game youve made besides motherload

To all people who havnt yet played motherload but have seen the trailer go to the xgen studios site, it has been sumbited here, and at the xgen studios site. This game is great, a lil to addicting but fun, now im hooked on motherload :), ive got my minning tank almost completly upgraded XD. Xgen studios is a great game maker, an I thing the authors of these gret games rock, and as Bovas said on the last review, I think he thinksyou rock to XD


I beguan playing fishy last year, during informatics lessons. After a few lessons all my class was playing this game, and each time i won i went around the laboratory screaming "I am god".
The teacher always got quite scared...


screw cigarettes, this is the most addictive thing on the planet