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Reviews for "S&K - Final Boss"


Great job. A little underdone but it makes it not sound completly unnoticable so thats ok. Sounds a little 8 bitish at the start, but starts to be some other bit lol. Great job nonetheless. Could you review the one i did? Newest song there, and best lol.

Marth OUT!!

EliteFerrex responds:

Sure thing! Thanks for your review!

Very awsome

An ultimate classic changed into a epic what would be fight *Downloads it and prepares to put it into an flash* Err your ok with that right? and you sonic boss completion?

I agree with weverything that's been said

An ultimate classic
A litte 8-bit
that boss is freaking ANNOYING!
Doomsday is awesome! :D
Isn't Hyper sonic awesome to play as? I love it when everything explodes!
Don't you agree?

i'm just responding to what PuchiPuri said

it truly is
8-bit gives it that sonic feel
he aint that hard, you just need good timing
doomsday is much better, too easy for me but still good
hyper sonic is good, played hyper knuckles?
yes i do

about the song, this is an excellent remix, you should try the Dance eJay series, it has a whole host of functions that allow you to alter the samples, and make your own (to an extent)


Thank you very much for making it!