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Reviews for "S&K - Final Boss"

I agree with weverything that's been said

An ultimate classic
A litte 8-bit
that boss is freaking ANNOYING!
Doomsday is awesome! :D
Isn't Hyper sonic awesome to play as? I love it when everything explodes!
Don't you agree?

Very awsome

An ultimate classic changed into a epic what would be fight *Downloads it and prepares to put it into an flash* Err your ok with that right? and you sonic boss completion?


Great job. A little underdone but it makes it not sound completly unnoticable so thats ok. Sounds a little 8 bitish at the start, but starts to be some other bit lol. Great job nonetheless. Could you review the one i did? Newest song there, and best lol.

Marth OUT!!

EliteFerrex responds:

Sure thing! Thanks for your review!


U ARE AWSOME! This is my favorite battle ever! its annoying though. Good work with the beat!

EliteFerrex responds:

I like this battle too, but personally, I like Doomsday Zone much better. More fun with the flying-through-space-blowin'-up-asteroids-with-your-face stuff. XD

I like how he makes it to a real game!

it is like a real game in the final battle. its good and i give pretty high votes. i hope more people r gonna listen it and vote. u can be usefull if there r games to make!

EliteFerrex responds:

Hey! Thanks there! If you couldn't tell already, I like VG Remixes... ^^;
Random Trivia: I have a save state in gens-win of Sonic 3 and Knuckles with all 14 Emeralds obtained and the Stage Select screen open. ^^