Reviews for "Dad Plushie"


sewing plushies is hard and you did it in 3 hours! I can't even make those tiny plush cookies from a box kit hah. I love him he's adorable.


I Must Have ONe Make Me ONe

even though i joined this site in 2016 this is just priceless

That's great.

To be honest, I never considered Dad to be a good plushie, this however has changed my mind.
Very well made, I especially like the little chainsaw you have added.

I would say that this wouldn't be appropriate for the website, because it's a photograph, but it's still very nice. Some other art sites have photographs too. I imagine it would be hard to prop up something, even a toy, so I can understand why this would take hours. It's amazing how cute someone can look when they're holding a chainsaw ready to cut people up. Well, I guess the picture makes it look more like he's doing tree trimming. I wish I had one of those.

It's always nice to have a photograph that shows off weird things. I have never seen a Dad doll in real life or any marketed Newgrounds doll for that matter. I can't ask you to change things, because it's an actual photograph. It's nice that you live in a pleasant, sunny day. It could have had a bit more to it, but still good.