Reviews for "Dad Plushie"


My connection broke down three times, and I'm tired to type 4000 chars. I don't know if this is the text that ist visible...

I'm impressed. Most NG visitors would not be able to use hands to create stuff. U Rock. Sewing a plushie in 3 hours is more difficult than clicking a flash. Why not produce to use it as an ofifcial NG plushie, available from store? Sewing instructions?


sewing plushies is hard and you did it in 3 hours! I can't even make those tiny plush cookies from a box kit hah. I love him he's adorable.




I'd like to see a Tankman plushie...

That's great.

To be honest, I never considered Dad to be a good plushie, this however has changed my mind.
Very well made, I especially like the little chainsaw you have added.