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Reviews for "The Flying Scotsman"


Kind of short flash here but it was entertaining, i love the simpsons so this was amusing, the thing though was this probably could have used some sort of subtitles to better understand it all, but it was funny, and also the art was real simple maybe if you had abit more effort like with the trees and not use alot of gradinents it could be somewhat better, also it being short was a downer, maybe if you added some more content and longer would be some more effort, in making it better, but for the most of it, it was amusing and entertaining, keep up the good work. below are a few suggestions of improvment hope it helps.

This could use some subtitles, its a nice option to have and with his accent it would be pretty handy, The art was rather simple, you should put some more effort like dont use so much gradients but you more of a sketh like to it add some textures and form the trees and back scenes abit better, This was also kind of short you should take the time to stretch it out with some more stuff going on more scenes and more jokes of course.

A funny yet short flash that funny character from the simpsons will make us all laugh with this short toon.

I like how there is nothing but Scotland forever in the background.

its about a Simpsons character
the music was a bit loud
it should have either been lowered in volume or the vocals should have been raised in volume


it was definitely a lot better than pain, considering it was only one screen though, I think more detail could have gone into both the background and the timing of the lipsynching to the speach, you did do a good job of choosing some funny voiceclips, but I don;t know if they really matched uo to each other as well as they could have.

not bad

not the best ive seen still some of the quotes made me laugh. Better luck next time.