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Reviews for "The Flying Scotsman"


it was definitely a lot better than pain, considering it was only one screen though, I think more detail could have gone into both the background and the timing of the lipsynching to the speach, you did do a good job of choosing some funny voiceclips, but I don;t know if they really matched uo to each other as well as they could have.


Well, music is good, sound is good. Combining the two and not beign able to hear willie speak isn't all that good. Yeah, the skin color question I'm wondering myself, as it looked like you clearly made it to be like that. The graphics were actually quite good, as Groundskeeper Willie looked quite realistic. Just fix the sound and voice thing, as the abckground music became annoying after a while.

Yellow is a primary colour - ever come across it?

...correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't his skin be YELLOW? Or is this like, some kind of zombie Groundskeeper Willie that I've missed the point of?

...I think I may have missed the point of this flash, because guessing what it is is beyond me.

Wasn't much to it, a poor flash movie

It was basically just groundskeeper Willie talking, half the time you couldn't even make out what he was saying as the bagpipe music was louder than him, fuck knows what the point to this movie was.

Shadow Flare's Review

Note: I judge submissions by today's standards no matter when the flash was entered into the portal nor the author's experience with flash at the time.

Graphics (5) - Graphics were in between poor and good.

Style (1) - There was really no point to this.

Violence (0) - None

Interactivity (0) - None

Humor (2) - All I found funny was Willie in a dress.

Overall (3) - I average the scores together that would count for this submission and round up the result to give the author a fair enough rating. (Graphics, Style, Sound, Humor)