Reviews for "swept away"

I love it! Really good job!

Nice one john, tight. Jazzy vibes, tight drums, and saucy samples. The track had a little crunch to it though that didn't vibe with my monitors. Perhaps some of the drums got a tad over compressed? Despite that little detail I still loved this. Effing nice.

Smooth and spacious. That detuned synth at :07 is a nice touch. The texture could've been thicker, but I love the crisp beats at :25. Transition at :38 was a little rough, but the vocals samples complement the texture well, and the more melodic content there was quite welcome. It could've been a tad more dynamic towards the end, but for a downtempo track, it has a fair bit of variety. Production quality is strong, of course. The mood and atmosphere win the day, though. Keep up the good work, Johnfn!

I initially thought this was like a Final Fantasy thing or something, but wow this is a really chill piece! Crazy aesthetic vibes through the whole track! Beautiful work, keep it up!

The brass at 1:08 was a tad too loud.

The overall product was pretty good. Kind of reminded me of Super Mario 64 when you are in that ocean level (do you know what I am talking about). It was just smooth, dreamy music?

What are the vocals saying? XD "Can someone hand him his ticket?"