Reviews for "Cyberblast Mecha Z"

Really pumped me up. I love it.

DanJohansen responds:

Glad you did man! \m/

Awesome song, very energetic with a great amount of diversity. I can't see anything that's particularly wrong with it, as you also have a good hold of song structure and how to balance all aspects of the song.

DanJohansen responds:

Hey, your review means a lot man, glad you enjoyed it! Rock on!

I clicked on this solely for the cool title name but to my surprise it's an overall good tune and rolls together really well.

It's now on my playlist haha.

DanJohansen responds:

Glad to hear it, cool review and rock on \m/

I love this song. This song has such a catchy tune, and it's overall really different from most metal music I listen to. Great job!

DanJohansen responds:

Your review means a lot! Glad you enjoyed it :D I try to go in a different directions with my metal stuff :D glad it's paying off.

(Just stares at you in disbelief...with a huge evil, but welcoming SHIT EATING GRIN!)
Once again, you surprise me with your shreds. This Fender...sounds...how should I say this without crushing John's (Burn7) ego...fucking AMAZING!

Love how brutal the lead is, and how it doesn't overpower everything else either...as here of late, a lot of artists have been letting the lead just OP their entire track and its an EAR SORE.
Then again, I expected nothing less from you other than ear tingling GREATNESS!
What would have made your track even more brutal...and yes I know I know...particular add-on/additions aren't allowed...but some orchestral vocal hymns would have made this piece stand out literally!
Something to consider perhaps?

DanJohansen responds:

Always awesome to see a review from you man, goes into some delicious depth! I am massively pleased with the Fender, I never thought it'd be this down my alley :)

I've done some vocal hymns in other tracks here and there, but yeah if I added it here it could actually be an improvement now that you mention it!

Awesome review bro, rock on!