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Reviews for "Zero Plays Golden Sun!"


I remember golden sun, and goldeen sun the lost age. I can't wait until april or may or june (Iforgot,) which is when golden sun DS comes out( for those of u looking forward to it.) The song was pretty good and it reminds me of the djinns I kept finding, losing, and trying to find again.

Charem responds:

I lost track after the first game, though perhaps I should take a look at the second one. Third one will be out of my reach, as I don't have a DS (sadly). XP


This is really good! Could you make one of the Boss Battles?

Charem responds:

I've tried, but I've had a lot of difficulty making anything as good as this. :P

Out of curiosity...

Did you perhaps make a MIDI of this a long time ago under the name of Justus Johnston? Because the arrangement is exactly like a MIDI I downloaded from VGMusic almost 3 years ago. According to the data of the file on VGMusic, it was submitted to the site in early 2003. The only difference is that the instruments in this one have been changed slightly so that they sound better. But other than that, everything is the same. The tempo, the length of the song, the style, and even the ending.
I'm going to give this an 8, because, hell, for all I know, you could very well be Justus Johnston. But if you're not, then you should be ashamed for not crediting him, blah blah blah... well, you get the picture.
Otherwise, good job.

Charem responds:

Good observation! But actually, neither conclusion is quite right. I emailed Justin to see if he'd be okay with me rearranging his tune, and he didn't mind. In fact, he said he was pretty indifferent to that old tune he made, and said I could do whatever I wanted with it. I guess he was working on some new music projects, and considered this arrangement to be of lower quality than what he was working on, so he actually asked me NOT to credit him. So I didn't. XP Hope that clears things up!


I love Golden Sun and the themes they had... I just wish I could've played the 2nd game, but I don't have it and my DS is broken now- might get a DSi and download the game.....

Anyway, this song reminds me of those times where I was grinding in the Earth Tower, gaining levels just to see what skills I could get when I mixed Dijin.... got Pyroclasm, Inferno, Great Spire, Shine Plasma, and many other fun skills by the time I went to face the final boss.... good times....

Great use of the instruments to match the theme. Compared this with the actual version of the song and its perfectly timed with every note. I would love to see you do the boss battle theme and Saturous's Theme.

Charem responds:

Saturos's Theme was always one of my favorites. Who knows? I may get around to it in the future. ^^

Very niiiiice....

Just wish there was an 11th star... but YAY! Don't really know what else to say then that. Hope it's not a problem! :P lol

Charem responds:

Not a problem at all. :P Glad you enjoyed!