Reviews for "tree guardian"


try and cut me down and make a bible outta me bitch
you're really an activist at heart aren't you ya cheeky basterd
10 cus you're a boss
dont forget bill the butcher man its very important
meant with love

dommi-fresh responds:

oh shit yea i completley forgot i will get on it

make his armor blue and taller and you get....

...Exdeath! well done.

dommi-fresh responds:

not to mention legs

a little closer

IM GONNA KILL YOU... damn i cant reach

dommi-fresh responds:

if i could just.... no, no... that is not gonna work... shit.

He could throw a rock really far!

My daddy is stronger than your daddy! ... but somehow...I get the feeling this guy doesn't give a shit D:
Fave all the way. *click*

dommi-fresh responds:

fave all the way *DICK lol

2 things

A. it's realy epic amd awsome B. i'm impressed that you reaspond to so many people

dommi-fresh responds:

yea its cause i am pretty cool and just a really nice person all round........honest.