Reviews for "tree guardian"

When I started at the upper part of the page

I thought " Must be some Knight with hippy pants.... Oh hes a tree..." Any good art I loved the shading and the part were the tree goes into the man!

dommi-fresh responds:

thanks mate glad you like it i got the idea from this paper tiger book.

love it

great creativity and storybook style. You've got a lot of creative talent from the looks of it. The only things that really bother me are that right forearm and hand, they appear a little flat and the anatomy seems wonky. Aside from that, good job!

dommi-fresh responds:

have you every seen a tree warrior? their anatomy differs alot


so you do stuff in marker, hmm, but when i scan it up it loses all its color. I don't get how you do it.

dommi-fresh responds:

youneed to edit it with photo shop or iphoto to boost the saturation unless you are scanning black and white.


try and cut me down and make a bible outta me bitch
you're really an activist at heart aren't you ya cheeky basterd
10 cus you're a boss
dont forget bill the butcher man its very important
meant with love

dommi-fresh responds:

oh shit yea i completley forgot i will get on it