Reviews for "tree guardian"

interesting idea.

Background reminds me of those shitty paper towels you get at the nurses office in elementary school.

But on to pressing matters at hand:

If he starts fucking you up, would you be considered a dendrophile sence you pretty much can't miss something so big and can casualy walk away in escape?

dommi-fresh responds:

think of him as one of the colosus from shadow of the colosus he is fucking huge and hard to kill but he is also sacred and rare plus he has a huge sword that could reach really far.

Nothing to say about the art....

however I really dont like your idea of a tree guardian/knight. The thing is that even though he might "fuck on up" he is unable to move . Just saying that you might want to consider creating a hybrid version of a knight and a treant, with the size of a normal treant of course

dommi-fresh responds:

he can pull his roots out of the ground and uses them to mkove himself around. he is slow but deadly.


A tree knight. That is AWESOME! A rather perplexing monster, but it just looks cool. I love the surrealness of it. Keep the good work!

dommi-fresh responds:

cheers my dears


Love it, expecially the tree part.
The armor reminds me slightly of Fable. (xbox game)

dommi-fresh responds:

i like how you put xbox game in brackets just in case i didn't know.

He might.....

Or I could just, you know, go around. It's not like he's gonna be chasing me or anything.

dommi-fresh responds:

you'll be suprised